Extra Curricular

We offer the following FREE Extra curricular activities:

Body Movement: 
The children enjoy rigorous physical activities from obstacle courses, soccer and instructional games on the jungle gym. This builds gross motor skills, which is the foundation for the fine motor skills needed for pencil control. It also enables overall brain development.
Yoga and Tai chi: 
A fun activity involving slow controlled movements that strengthen the core muscle group. Stretching of the body improves flexibility. We also include meditation and imagination exercises focussed on breathing and calming the children in order to concentrate on their tasks.
We have three lovely patches of land which the children cultivate and sow seeds. They learn to take care of the seedlings and nurture them as they grow and produce vegetables. This aims to to build an appreciation and respect for the environment
Basic games to improve listening skills and following instructions. The children copy simple beats and rhythms to play with musical instruments. The goal is to build auditory awareness. 

 Paid Extra Curricular Activities:

You may also enroll for the extra curricular activities where the instructors give classes each week and it is paid for each term. The classes take place during play time so as not to disturb the work cycle.We are constantly open to suggestions for extra murals which parents can recommend. Acceptance of the activity depends on the amount of parents interested in enrollment.  

Ballet or Hip Hop with Kelly, The Art of Movement
Website: www.theartofmovementsa.com

Available in the first and 3rd term on the school premises.

Special Dates: 

Throughout the year we have special events and invite parents to share in the fun of learning with the children. The goal is to build an interactive relationship with the school and the learning process. Children love these events and appreciate parent or extended family attendance.
These include a lion cub visit to the school, Father’s art and karate day, rock climbing outings, entrepreneurial day, baker’s day ad high tea on Granny’s day.

Rock Climbing: A sport to develop courage; teaching children to aim high, plan their climbing route and face a fear, they simultaneously get a full body workout and deal with themselves mentally and emotionally. The rock climbing wall at school is invaluable.